Foundation Projects in the News

Thanks to your support the Seattle Police Foundation has been able to provide grants to the Seattle Police Department to fund programs, projects and equipment since 2002. These grants have led to major successes in keeping our community safe. Below is a news archive of how our grants have made a difference in 2012:

December 13, 2012- SPD Detective Bob Shilling Tapped to Lead Worldwide Task force to Protect Children(All related articles):

December 12, 2012- SPD is Trained to Handle Major Catastrophes like the Oregon Mall Shooting: 

December 12, 2012- SPD K9 Falko Passes Away:

December 11, 2012- SPD Community Forum:

November 29, 2012- Remembering the Fallen Lakewood and SPD Officers and the Great Work of SPD in Catching a Killer:

November 24, 2012- SPD’s Newest Voice in the Public Affairs Unit:

November 13, 2012- Extra SPD Patrols in Downtown During the Holidays to Keep Us Safe:

November 3, 2012- Community Policing:–177123681.html

October 31, 2012- Seattle Police Rescue Man:

October 4, 2012- Tweets by Beat:

August 14, 2012- Child Thanks SPD:

August 12, 2012- If Project on the Front Page of the Seattle Times(All Related If Project Articles):

August 7, 2012- Downtown Night Out:

July 27, 2012- SPD’s efforts against Domestic Violence:

July 21, 2012- Seattle Police Pipes and Drums(All related articles):–Drums-in-West-163296426.html#

July 19, 2012- Officer Bernasconi Retires after 43 Years:

July 3, 2012- SPD Blotter:

June 6, 2012- Café Racer(All Related Articles):

March 22, 2012- Living Room Conversations(All Related Articles):–138383214.html#

January 20,2012- SPD Helps the Homeless:–137791243.html#

January 12, 2012- Crisis Intervention Team: