Our Programs

K9 Officer Mark Wong and his dog Ziva. Ziva was purchased with funding from the Seattle Police Foundation.

The Seattle Police Foundation helps keep Seattle safe by raising awareness and support for the Seattle Police Department. SPF does this by responding to requests from Seattle police officers to support programs and projects they believe will help them do their jobs better-more safely, efficiently and effectively. We also do this by ensuring the Seattle community has opportunities to interact with their police force in non-enforcement situations and to learn about the police department.

SPF supports three funding areas:

  • Community Partnerships
  • Employee Development and Recognition
  • Police Service Enhancements

Timeline of major grant funding:

June 2003- SPF purchases its first of several K-9 dogs for the K-9 unit.

June 2003- SPF purchases Police Horse Blaze for the Mounted Patrol Unit.

July 2003- SPF purchases new ceremonial uniforms for the SPD Honor Guard. This replaced the ceremonial uniforms that were outdated and over 30 years old with apparel that projected law enforcement professionalism.

January 2005- SPF purchases initial Blackberry’s for SPD officers without access to in-car computers. The Blackberry’s are attributed to over a thousand arrests and a complete success in its initial test phase. The program is expanded in July 2005.

July 2005- SPF purchased language translating equipment to assist SPD in their community outreach efforts. The equipment allows SPD’s community councils to provide workshops and their outreach efforts in multiple languages.

October 2006- SPF in partnership with the American Heart Association and a generous private donor purchased Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) for every patrol car, three more Harbor boats and all police facilities including the Police Range. This undoubtedly has been an asset for SPD officers.

June 2007- SPF purchases two Electrostatic Dust Lifter devices, also known as “Pathfinder Kits,” for SPD’s Crime Scene Unit. This equipment assists the CSI Unit personnel in the collection of dust prints at major crime scenes.

August 2007- SPF purchases two person First Responder Preparedness Kits for every SPD officer.

July 2008- SPF purchases MyClyns decontamination spray for all sworn personal in the field. MyClyns spray is an FDA approved, non-alcoholic personal decontamination spray that is used to remove threats posed by any bodily fluid that officers may come in contact with.

Ongoing Grants

The Seattle Police Foundation supports a number of projects on an on-going basis. Based on original grant applications and subsequent evaluations from the annual grants program, the SPF has identified a number of successful programs where annual, on-going support is warranted for program efficacy. The following programs and projects are supported on an annual basis.

The Tuition Assistance Program assists SPD employees in obtaining education or training in subjects and fields that are directly related to their job, increase effectiveness in their work, and prepare for career advancement within SPD. Consistent with SPF’s mission, the Tuition Assistance Program promotes strategies that support the Department’s mission of excellence. In 2007, the first year for the program, twenty-one SPD employees received up to $1,000 each to put toward obtaining Associate, Bachelor or Masters degrees in fields related to criminal justice or toward acquiring language skills.

SPF funds support the Seattle Police Explorers Program. The mission of the Explorer program is to bridge the gap between youth and police by educating and involving them in police operations and to interest them in Law Enforcement. The program encourages Explorer’s participation in rewarding and productive service activities, and enhances their preparation for future roles as citizen and community members. Besides gaining a working knowledge of police work, youth have the opportunity to give of themselves to their community. Explorers wear their SPD uniform with pride, and they understand they must positively represent SPD, the City, and themselves.