Seattle Police Foundation Launches ‘$20 for your 20’ Monthly Giving Initiative



Media Contact:
Chris Hendrickson, Communications Manager
Seattle Police Foundation
425-205-0328 ●   

Police Horse Chance says… Do some good in your neighhhhhhborhood and join $20 for your 20 today!

SEATTLE, Wash. – We are excited to announce our ‘$20 for your 20’ giving initiative, which invites the Seattle community to actively contribute to improved public safety in our neighborhoods through a reoccurring gift of $20 per month. 

We are working hard to grow our community of monthly supporters, and for fun, we’ve added some official police jargon! Police use 10-codes to communicate more efficiently, (many are familiar with 10-4, which is like saying “affirmative” or “got it”) and 20 is the 10-code for “location.”

The Seattle Police Foundation believes that we all deserve to feel safe in the neighborhoods where we work and live. Our $20 for your 20 initiative aims to improve public safety throughout Seattle by providing the funding needed to invest in evidence-based crime prevention tools, programs, and strategies that bring real results. 

“We want Seattle community members to feel safe no matter where they work, live, or visit,” said SPF CEO Cherie Skager. “Reoccurring giving is a meaningful way to support our work, as it helps ensure the sustainability and longevity of our front-facing public safety investments. Our primary goal is to improve public safety throughout Seattle, and we need the community’s buy-in to make that happen.”

Reoccurring giving is one of the easiest, most convenient ways to support our work. Your $20 monthly investment is invaluable in furthering our ongoing mission to make Seattle safer through proactive crime prevention efforts, lifesaving training and equipment, police-community partnerships, and much more. 

The first 1,000 community members to participate will receive an official Seattle Police Department challenge coin as a tangible token of our appreciation, plus you’ll get a shout-out on our website as an official ‘$20 for your 20’ participant.

Do some good in your neighhhhhhborhood by joining $20 for your 20 today! Sign up at: ‘$20 for your 20’ donation page. Learn more about our work to improve public safety at: