If you get in a car accident, if you fear someone is breaking into your home, if you have an acquaintance whom you fear is the victim of domestic violence, who do you call? For many of us these scenarios are rare, if ever, occurrences. Yet, the peace that comes from knowing there is someone to call is invaluable. At the Seattle Police Foundation we work to support the Seattle Police Department to fight crime, reduce fear and build a stronger community.  Your donation helps fund vital services that help keep Seattle a safe community and support the heroes that protect us everyday, as they put their lives on the line daily to keep Seattle one of the safest cities in our country. The Seattle Police Foundation is proud to operate in the most efficient fashion possible and ensure donors can see an impact with their contribution as over 80 cents of every dollar raised goes toward program support. This far exceeds the Better Business Bureau’s industry minimum standard of 65 cents per dollar raised going towards program support.

SPF is a registered corporation with the State of Washington and is recognized by the US Government as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit foundation. All monies raised by SPF are dedicated to our mission of professional development and community partnership. SPF does not engage in political activity, donate funds to individuals or provide funds to municipal or departmental deficit or debt reduction efforts. Your support is key to creating the opportunities for the partnership, preparedness and recognition that our public safety professionals need and deserve.

SPF gratefully accepts donations of any size.

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Other Ways to Give:


Send a check made out to “The Seattle Police Foundation” to:

Seattle Police Foundation
PO Box 456
Seattle, WA 98111-0456


Become an Event Sponsor-

If you would like to sponsor the Annual Awards Banquet or Picnic at the Precinct, or would like to donate any amount with a designated purpose, please call 206-684-0373.


Redeem your Membership Rewards points towards creating a safe Seattle-

Click on the banner to use your American Express Card to make a donation. For every 1,000 points you redeem, we will receive a $10.00 donation. If you are enrolled in an American Express Loyalty program, you can earn valuable rewards with every dollar you donate.


Shop with Foundation Revenue-

Click on the banner and shop as you normally would, and a percentage of the sale will be donated to the Seattle Police Foundation.  How easy is that? Help build a safe Seattle by purchasing through Foundation Revenue.


Donate through your Donor Advised Fund with the Seattle Foundation-

Do you have a Donor Advised Fund with the Seattle Foundation? Or donate regularly to the Seattle Foundation? If so, you can specify your donation to go towards the Seattle Police Foundation and help build a safe Seattle. Click on the banner to find our page with the Seattle Foundation.