Foundation Impact

Funding History

Since 2002, the Seattle Police Foundation has provided funding to the men and women of the Seattle Police Department to help enhance public safety in Seattle. We’ve done this through our continuous support of various programs, projects, and initiatives that help Seattle’s law enforcement professionals more safely respond to the needs of our community. Importantly, we’ve sought to help SPD build strong relationships with the people who live throughout Seattle’s unique network of vibrant, diverse neighborhoods. Some of our earliest purchases included dogs for the K9 Unit, a police horse for the Mounted Patrol Unit (MPU), and ceremonial uniforms for the SPD Honor Guard, all fundamental aspects of SPD that we are proud to support today.  

As policing needs continue to evolve and change, we strive to be part of the solution, helping officers obtain the tools and training they need to learn, grow, and fulfill their commitment to the delivery of knowledgeable, competent, and ethical policing. Our basic funding structure has stayed consistent over time and relies on donations from our community, corporate partners, and supporters. With these donations, we provide grants to SPD officers and civilian staff, and support projects and initiatives that enhance public safety in three basic funding categories: Community Partnerships, Employee Development, and Police Service Enhancements.

Additionally, we remain poised to conduct vigorous, targeted fundraising campaigns should acute, unforeseen needs arise that would negatively impact public safety if left unaddressed.  

Since opening its doors in 2002, the Foundation has provided more than $14 million in grants and program support to the Seattle Police Department.  

The Seattle Police Foundation helps keep Seattle safe by raising awareness and support for the Seattle Police Department. SPF does this by responding to requests from Seattle police officers to support programs and projects they believe will help them do their jobs better-more safely, efficiently and effectively. We also do this by ensuring the Seattle community has opportunities to interact with their police force in non-enforcement situations and to learn about the police department.

Community Partnerships

The Seattle Police Foundation supports SPD’s Community Policing initiatives, working to create and strengthen programs that build trust between our law enforcement professionals and the people they serve. These programs focus on developing meaningful relationships with all members of our community, and especially members of our traditionally underserved communities. Funds from SPF help facilitate countless positive interactions between Seattle police officers and members of our community every year. This fulfilling, transformational work takes place at community events like National Night Out Against Crime, Beds for Kids, Heroes and Helpers, and many others. Your support helps bring these events and others to life! 

Employee Development

The Seattle Police Foundation understands the connection between healthy officers, a healthy police department, and a healthy community, making Employee Development a vital part of our mission to support the men and women of SPD. Employee Development is broad in scope, encompassing advanced training for SPD officers and administrative staff, officer wellness, and officer appreciation, along with recognition for bravery, compassion, valor, and professionalism. SPF is proud to host the annual Seattle Police Awards Ceremony, in which officers and civilian staff are honored for their commitment to public service, going above and beyond the call of duty, and exemplifying what community policing is all about. We are equally honored to fund projects meant to practically demonstrate to SPD officers that they are seen, heard, valued, and appreciated.

Training is an important part of Employee Development and SPF is thrilled to help bring groundbreaking curriculums to the men and women of SPD. Our grant program empowers officers and administrative staff, giving them the chance to target and champion the specific training programs that they feel will have the greatest collective impact on the department.

Police Service Enhancements

When emergencies happen, having the right tools and training is critical to quick response having the right tools and training is critical to quick response, making Police Service Enhancements an important facet of our work. The Seattle Police Foundation supports the latest in law enforcement equipment and technology, because we know that these investments are crucial in keeping our front-line officers and our community members safe from harm. Over the years we have helped fund a variety of updated tools, including cutting edge bicycle helmets to ensure officer safety, advanced bike training, lifesaving EMT kits to support our EMT  program, a new Arson Bomb Squad Robot, and much more. These enhancements help protect our officers, along with the residents, guests, and businesses they serve. 

It is our greatest privilege to provide funding that directly supports SPD’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.